Crisp Photography and Video that Seize the Spotlight

As in, we once artificially turned on a hundred light bulbs in post-production to make sure the photographs came out flawless. This is the level of attention to detail you can expect from us, always.

Does Everyone Care About a Thread Coming Off a Pillow?

No, But We Do.

We go above and beyond to meticulously execute every single shot, paying attention to things that are often glanced over (such as a chair being a quarter of an inch out of place!).

From a strategic pre-shoot approach to a rigorous post-production period, we put an enormous amount of thought into all of the details to produce crisp, clean images to help your brand put its best foot forward.

“Every year, we select the best photographs to feature in our annual calendar, and Rob consistently secures a top spot.”

“I’ve worked with Rob for over 20 years and everything that he has shot for us came back great. His images are very crisp and clean, and he does a great job with lighting and making sure that every detail is right. With something as forward-facing as photography, you want to make sure it looks on point, and Rob always exceeds our expectations. As a bonus, the Rob-Harris Productions team is a pleasure to work with.

They’re flexible, easy to schedule, and communicative. I highly recommend working with them!”
Jennifer Cole, Marketing at David Weekley Homes

We Believe in Collaboration and Making Things Ridiculously Easy

We strive to provide the best customer experience in the industry and strike the perfect balance between collaboration and independence.

We seamlessly navigate working with architects, creative directors, marketing and production coordinators, interior designers, food stylists, chefs, professional model talent, and more to achieve the best possible outcome for your team.

A no-nonsense approach, reliable and friendly communication, and a humble attitude define who we are as a team.

“Rob-Harris Productions takes the images that define our brand.”

“Photography is a huge part of what we do from a marketing standpoint. Most of our buyers look online before they come to check out a property in person. So, what are they looking at? They’re looking at photographs, and you only have one opportunity to make the first impression. Rob always takes the time to understand what we need and how we’re going to use what he’s doing for us. Then, he takes care of every single detail and spends hours on getting just the right shot. The images are beautiful, the team is incredibly easy to work with, and Rob is just a really nice guy.”

Krista Long, Head of Marketing at David Weekley Homes

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Camden Houston

“My company has won multiple interior design awards using Rob-Harris Productions photography.”

– Rhett Alexander, Interior Designer at Rhett Alexander

Camden Hillcrest

Altaire Orlando

Mattamy Homes Florida

Taking a Creative Approach to Industry Trends

We’re obsessed with what we do and keep our knowledge fresh, up-to-date, and in tune with industry trends.

Yet, rather than blindly following them, the Rob-Harris Productions team is always exploring creatively with new tools and techniques, putting a unique spin on what works best.

“Our website is perfect due to the images that the Rob-Harris team captured.”

“Rob and the team consistently produce classy, high-quality images that can be used for years to come. What’s even more impressive is that I can trust Rob to come in and work with my employees while protecting any privileged client information in his images. As a firm that hires different personalities, it’s hard to get one photographer who can find each of our best shots but they have done it consistently over the last three years!”

Kimberly Burdette-Hord, Opinicus Investments

Founder | Award-Winning Photographer | Copperfield of the Camera

Meet Rob Bovarnick

The master eye behind the camera, Rob will shoot anything that won’t shoot back. He grew up in Norwood, Massachusetts, and graduated from the University of Tampa, where he landed in a photography class with Lew Harris, his professor, a brilliant artist and photographer who then became his mentor and business partner.

With 30+ years of experience, he approaches photography and video as an artist first, then as a technician. His extensive background in film photography taught him to observe beauty, light, symmetry, and composition. He believes in going the extra mile, meticulous attention to detail, and building genuine relationships along the way.

When Rob isn’t behind the lens you might find him running with his run group, hanging out with his family and bernadoodle Ruthie, behind the counter ordering a tasty craft beer at a local brewery, or blowing his tenor sax up on a neighborhood front porch in his jazz band called FPJ, Front Porch Jazz.

“When working with Rob, you can always expect a detail-oriented, high-quality, and professional experience.”

-Paul Bilyeu, Senior Director of Communications at David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts