WEB RES Palma Sola Sunset 2 by Rob-Harris.JPG

Beautiful Aerial Shots at Sunrise or Sunset!

We did these amazing commercial shots for our friends at Sanctuary Cove and Palma Sola Bay. Using our high-end drone equipment we were able to take these breathtaking photos as the sun rose and set - from an angle only a drone is capable of! Check out the beautiful architecture captured with our incredible drone photography.

WEB RES Palma Sola Sunset 5 by Rob-Harris.JPG

Unique architecture of Palma Sola Bay at sunset.

WEB RES Sanctuary Cove Drone Aerial by Rob-Harris-0251.JPG

Amazing view of Sanctuary Cove only a drone can capture.

WEB RES Sanctuary Cove Aerial Sunrise by Rob-Harris 0226.JPG

Sanctuary Cove at sunrise.