Founders Rob and Lew met at The University of Tampa, where Lew was a photography professor and Rob landed—fortuitously—in his class. They recognized a full-blown photography geek in each other, figuring that their ideas combined with their shared belief in making the best images possible with the latest techniques would make a solid business. They launched Rob-Harris in 1987, and since then, they’ve been on the forefront of the industry and are every bit as excited about what photography can do today as they were on the day they met.


He knows all the tricks of the trade, ladies and gents! You’ll be amazed once our master magician Rob Bovarnick transforms your product into a work of art. No strings, no smoke and mirrors, he dares to perform impossible feats of photographic prestidigitation, leaving clients in awe, asking “how did he do that?” Considered the Copperfield of the Camera, Rob’s work is so darn good you won’t believe your eyes.


Chief CIO, “Creative Ideas Officer,” Lew Harris masterminds this operation with his trusty feathered sidekick and provides hours of silent encouragement for the entire office. Whether it’s artistic decisions or financial ones, Lew holds everybody steady with his wit, intelligence, and nuggets of worldly wisdom.