In recent years, drones have become widely used for both recreational and commercial purposes. From small businesses finding ways to use their beginner drones to make money, to huge corporations using advanced drone technology; many different industries have found ways to use drones to benefit their business. Some industries using drones include agriculture, real estate, and insurance, but these are just a few of many. The possibilities for how drones can help a company are endless, and we’re going to cover how some common industries have been using drones.

1. Agriculture

Agriculture is one industry that drones help a great deal. Many countries are large exporters of food, and it’s projected that farmers globally will have to produce 70 percent more to feed the global population. This high demand gives drones an opportunity to be used for a variety of tasks. There are drones available that are equipped with water, pesticides, or herbicides that can release a payload on a specific area with the farmer watching from yards away on a screen.

There are also drones that have abilities to deliver crop health reports that can tell farmers crucial information about how crops are doing, whether it’s flooded or too dry and more. This increases efficiency which is necessary with a growing population.

2. Real Estate

The real estate industry is highly competitive making it difficult for real estate businesses to drive sales. Many real estate professionals are beginning to utilize drones to help with their marketing efforts. Most drones are equipped with high-quality cameras that give real estate companies an opportunity to capture stunning aerial photos and videos of their properties.

Drones are able to capture every inch of property including potential issues. This makes brokers who offer aerial drone photos and videos more attractive to buyers.

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3. Insurance

Insurance companies are often seen as outdated when it comes to a changing digital world.

Many companies see developing a digital presence too difficult of a task. However, some insurers are leaping into technological advances by using drones in different ways. Drones can be used to gather data before a risk is insured, help in preventative management, and be used to assess damage after an event.

There is also the opportunity for insurance companies to open a new line of business with drones, and that’s creating insurance for the drones themselves. Many professionals use drones and need them covered like they would a company car. The insurance industry is likely to transform radically in the next decade, and drones will most likely play a part in this digital transformation.

4. Construction

There is now a significant presence of drones in the construction industry. They are being used in a variety of ways and are changing the way the industry works. Some ways that drones are benefiting the construction industry are by reducing labor times for surveying land, improving infrastructure, providing more accurate surveillance, and adding efficiency to inspections.

Overall, drones are saving construction companies time and money as well as helping construction sights become safer. As the construction industry begins to introduce more digital tools, we can begin to see drones being used more frequently.

5. Telecommunications

The telecommunication industry has a high projected growth with many parts of the globe having limited or no internet or cellular access. Many telecommunication corporations are looking to solve these problems and drones are playing a role in this. The industry is finding ways to use drones as temporary cell towers with drones hovering over areas affected by natural disasters or where infrastructure may struggle. Other drone efforts include sending solar-powered drones to provide internet access to rural areas.

As you can see, drones are a versatile piece of technology that many companies have begun to use. There are many different drones on the market from small drones for kids to large and intricate drones for the most difficult tasks. As our world continues to become driven by digital tools, it’s important that businesses across different industries consider how a drone may be able to benefit them.

Author credit: Kennedy Martinez – Dronethusiast.com

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