From Snapshot to Showstopper: How to Elevate your Product Photography

In the past, product photographers needed to be more creative and do fewer photos, but make them look more interesting. They were used more for advertising like magazines and print promotions, where they are now used more for direct sales like selling on Amazon or an online store. The boom in online shopping has made clean product photography a necessity.

At first many business owners think they can shoot product photography on their own. I mean iPhones are basically cameras at this point, right? The biggest benefits you’ll get working with a photographer is they will use additional lighting, make sure color balance is accurate, size the image proportions properly depending on where you’ll be using them, and provide higher resolution source files. Trust us when we say, having an arsenal of sharp product photography will set your brand and product apart.

Before photographing your product, our team goes through intentional effort up front to get to know your brand and product, plus to know how your photos will be used. One of the most important questions for us as it relates to product photography is what kind of site is it going to be on? If it’s going to be on Amazon, they have very specific requirements that we need to be sure we’re shooting in the proper way for. Sometimes there needs to be room for measurements or multiple angles (or views) for a product if that’s important for your site. Bottom line is that application is very important and we always aim to deliver on that. If you try to shoot your product photography yourself, you might miss the mark.

There are some hurdles that are unique to product photography. For example there are many items that are reflective, so we try to minimize reflections and keep them smooth and clean – more unique lighting is required here. Any items that are more close up and detailed require specific lenses–macro lenses to be specific. All of these are things that product photographers are prepped to notice, account for, and create wow-factor images in spite of. 

Before working with a product photographer be sure to have a good idea of the number of products you want photographed, how many angles (or views) you’d like of each, what you’ll be using the images for (specifically where online), and what specifications you’ll need for each marketing application you’ll be using it for. This way we make sure to shoot your product according to those specifications.

If you’re looking for a professional product photographer, we’d love to get your product shot to entice your target customer to hit the buy button. Ditch the white cloth and closet photography and click below for your wow-factor images.

An Interview with Professional Photographer, Rob Bovarnick

An Interview with Professional Photographer, Rob Bovarnick

This interview was written as a professional photographer spotlight for Capture Integration. Tell me about you! I grew up in Norwood, Massachusetts, about a half hour south of Boston. I had a lot of hobbies growing up. Music, photography, and competitive rifle...