How We Deliver End-to-End Commercial Photography

Being in business for decades has given us the opportunity to work with a wide variety of commercial photography clients. We’ve become skilled at architectural photography, food & beverage photography, lifestyle photography, product photography, and more. While it may be trendy to “niche down,” we take pride in being able to provide top-notch commercial photography no matter your needs. 

This has proven to be especially helpful for our end-to-end clients who might need architectural photography, food & beverage photography, and lifestyle photography all in one shoot. This allows us to provide end-to-end photography instead of you having to source multiple photographers for one project. Our clients love this because it keeps the look and feel of each of their projects cohesive.

Before getting started as your commercial photographer, our first step involves a thorough exploration of your needs. We ask questions to better understand how you’ll be using your photography or videography and what you want the end product to look like. With this knowledge, we tailor our approach. This process has been well received by our numerous clients, guaranteeing successful results regardless of the diverse subject matter they might have.

Here’s how we deliver on your end-to-end projects…


DWH BHTS Seahorse Kitchen Dining 2755 - commercial photography by Rob-Harris Productions
WEB Seahorse Kitchen Dining by RHP - commercial photography by Rob-Harris Productions

Lighting is a cornerstone of our photography style. We use our additional lighting equipment to make your photos feel as natural as possible while enhancing your project’s strongest features. 

Our background in architectural photography, combined with extensive experience with product, food, and lifestyle photography, has honed our lighting skills. We’ve taken these lighting principles and applied them universally. Whether we’re working on an artfully decorated architectural interior or capturing the essence of a delectable entree, lighting consistently plays a key role in our work.


Restaurant photography, behind the scenes, by Rob-Harris Productions
Restaurant photography behind the scenes by Rob-Harris Productions

Collaboration is not just a buzzword for us, it’s at the core of our work. Ensuring alignment among partners is extremely important to us. We encourage collaborating with partners such as architects, creative directors, marketing and production coordinators, interior designers, chefs, professional model talent, and everything in between. 

We take a hands-on, always-tuned-into-the-details approach to bring your vision to life. Clear communication and meticulous attention to detail are the foundations of our success.


Our experience has taught us to always be prepared for changes. If we feel a shot doesn’t work photographically, we’re able to switch gears with ease. 

Here’s a fun storytime for you. A while back we were doing an industrial commercial photography project where we had to photograph a coal excavating machine. The only problem was it was 2 miles down into a coal mine with minimal visibility. Not only were we shooting the machine, but our client also wanted some coal miners included. 

Here’s the kicker, once we went down into the coal mine, we couldn’t go back up if we needed extra equipment. That meant we had to take the exact amount of equipment we needed. No pressure, right? 

This included bringing portable lighting because there was no power. Once we got down our radio controls to power all of the lights at the same time were not working. We quickly pivoted to a different method of getting them all to synchronize and the shoot went on without fail. 

This was when we shot film photography where we didn’t have the option of editing in Photoshop. Everything had to be perfect in the camera at the time of the shoot. This expertise from our film background trained us to become expert problem solvers and pay meticulous attention to the details that make all the difference in the end. 


One of the things that makes us so versatile as a commercial photography team is that we utilize a specialized architectural view camera system that allows us to transition seamlessly between architectural, food, product, and lifestyle imagery. 

Let’s say we’re shooting the interior of a multi-family apartment community, but we also have talent on set to capture lifestyle photography. In this scenario, we can go from an architectural shot without people, to a lifestyle image with people by simply detaching the camera and switching to a quick portable setup.

Bottom line: we can instantaneously switch systems at any time. The flexibility of our equipment and the versatility of our techniques allow us to capture our vision in various settings and lighting conditions.


Our diverse experience has shaped our abilities. Our background in film, where post-production wasn’t possible, forced us to develop precision and adaptability. 

We used to joke that Rob was a human light meter because he didn’t need a metering system to figure out exposure on set. Talk about a party trick! 

After decades of shooting a variety of work, we’ve become highly skilled at being resourceful, solving problems, shooting on the fly under pressure, and knowing exactly what’s needed in each environment. 

Our company has always been dedicated to authenticity, adaptability, and mastery of the fundamentals of photography, videography, and drone work (drone photography and drone videography). As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain committed to our craft, our clients, and the art of photography. We would love the opportunity to become your trusted end-to-end commercial photographer and videographer partner, regardless of the scale or complexity of your needs.

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