Being located in Tampa, Florida has more benefits than just its sunny days. At Rob-Harris Productions, we are passionate about supporting the arts community. For years we have worked in collaboration with The Straz Center for the Performing Arts to showcase all it has to offer. Through our work with The Straz Center, we discovered Jobsite Theater. This organization is dedicated to creating socially and politically relevant theater, performed to the broadest possible audience.

One of the goals of this shoot was to create imagery that would appeal and attract a broader demographic for the upcoming show, “Lizze.” When shooting for our partners, we don’t just show up with equipment and get the job done. There is lots of conversation before the shoot to understand the goal behind the images.

Shooting photos is fun, but photography that results in our partners achieving their marketing goals is even better. During this shoot master photographer, Donald “D”, was focused on capturing imagery that would attract a broader audience for Opera Tampa. All post editing was done by Rob, to add details like the background of the image, blood to the axe, and more.

See the upcoming schedule of events for the Jobsite Theatre here:

An Interview with Professional Photographer, Rob Bovarnick

An Interview with Professional Photographer, Rob Bovarnick

This interview was written as a professional photographer spotlight for Capture Integration. Tell me about you! I grew up in Norwood, Massachusetts, about a half hour south of Boston. I had a lot of hobbies growing up. Music, photography, and competitive rifle...